Microsoft Worldwide Education Partner of the Year 2015

How IAM Cloud can help you

IAM Cloud has been co-created in partnership with educational institutions to ensure it perfectly meets the needs of the sector. It is highly affordable to ensure institutions large, medium and small can access it. IAM Cloud has been carefully designed so it is easy to use for non-specialists, while also being a powerful tool for people with greater technical ability. It is the ultimate support service for IT Management. There isn’t an educational institution in the world that wouldn’t benefit from IAM Cloud.

Our platform provides organisations with full centralised control over their IT services.

Single Sign On enhances user productivity and learning experience.

With IAM Cloud, Admins control who can access what, when, where & how.

IAM Cloud reduces the burden of forgotten passwords on the IT team.

We use intelligent automation so organisations can easily manage their users.

IAM Cloud integrates with record systems to eliminate manual data entry.

Organisations use IAM Cloud to increase engagement with their users.

Our cloud storage increases productivity and accessibility, and reduces cost.

IAM Cloud Platform Overview

The Power of Digital Identity in Education

Managing Student & Staff User Lifecycles

When people join an organisation, either as a student or staff member, they rarely stay in the same place or role forever. As a student they may move from year to year, as a staff member they may get promoted or move department. Managing these ‘user lifecycles’ effectively can be a major challenge for IT teams in educational institutions. IAM Cloud not only removes this major burden – it turns a problem into a great opportunity. Starting at the point of a person applying to join the organisation through to them leaving the institution altogether, IAM Cloud can empower them with all the IT they need – whenever and however they need it.


IAM Cloud’s identity system allows you to easily capture, manage and synchronise user data from the point of a person visiting a web page or attending an open day through a web-form or integration with existing databases.


You may want to engage with the prospective student through the application process to start building a relationship. IAM Cloud can help you manage these processes, and grant the users access to popular and custom applications.


IAM Cloud can help you centralise the identity, access and password management, of all your student (and staff) users, easily allowing you to divide them into groups to apply different rules to different users.


Rather than switching off your alumni, IAM Cloud can help you provide ongoing digital services to them, like email for life, without it becoming a burden on your IT team. This can help build much stronger alumni relationships.

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Top applications supported by IAM Cloud…

IAM Cloud integrates with Office 365 and supports implementation management & automation

IAM Cloud integrates with and provides single sign on into Moodle

IAM Cloud supports Blackboard SSO single sign on

IAM Cloud integrates with Capita SIMS SIS student record system

IAM Cloud supports Canvas VLE single sign on

ideascale federation and sso


ExLibris Ex Libris sso federation single sign on authentication


Frog federation sso

Skype Skype for Business sso federation

Automated provisioning migration Gmail Google Classroom SSO single sign on

AWS sso

Workday Active Directory integration sso federation identity management



Salesforce Sales Force CRM integration single sign on

Wordpress single sign on

…plus thousands more!

Why choose IAM Cloud?

  • IAM Cloud will benefit every single part of your organisation
  • It is very cost effective, in fact it will likely save you money
  • IAM Cloud is simple to use and has a great support service
  • Our system runs in the cloud, and removes the need for ADFS
  • It can even remove your need for on-site storage
  • IAM Cloud is better & more affordable than any alternative
  • You can relax knowing our team is here to help
  • IAM Cloud will remove enormous burdens from your IT
  • Our platform makes adopting new applications quick, easy and secure

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