Create the ultimate student experience.

Whether you’re creating a peaceful and productive environment for your pupils, or a thriving cosmopolitan campus, IAM Cloud can help. Digital technology has become an essential component of curricula around the world, and most people under 25 years old are considered ‘digital natives’. In short, you can no longer have a truly ‘student-centred’ approach to learning and teaching without digital technology.

Educational technology will continue to evolve and grow. We have only just begun scratching the service. But with the convenience and immediacy of digital technology, expectations have also risen. Creating a strong and positive student experience is one of the most important concerns of schools, colleges and universities. IAM Cloud can help education providers stay well ahead of the curve when it comes to student expectations.

Unbeatable price

Education is often public funded, and it’s important to ensure those funds create as much educational value as possible. Therefore, we have done everything we can to ensure IAM Cloud is as affordable as possible for education providers.

Leading IT

As technology continues to advance, as will its utility in education. IAM Cloud reduces the barriers between organisations and the software they need to deliver first-class education and research.


Major changes can be difficult. But with IAM Cloud we make organisations’ IT services extremely agile. With IAM Cloud organisations are prepared for any changing IT trends and to quickly adapt to changing requirements.

Security & control

Whether you’re protecting the personal data of your students and staff, or protecting the Intellectual Property in a research project, IAM Cloud provides your organisation with an unparalleled amount of security and control.

Better decisions

IAM Cloud comes with a reporting engine, that allows admins to see how their IT services are being consumed. This can help organisations make better-informed decisions.


IAM Cloud reduces organisational risk through its security and backup services. Our Platform also helps organisations meet compliance standards, with an attribute management module that keeps user data up to date.

Green, clean & sustainable

The cloud doesn’t just bring economies of scale in terms of reduced cost to organisations, it is also energy efficient. Cloud data centers use the latest software and hardware technologies to ensure they run very efficiently, and many supplement their power with renewable energy. IAM Cloud helps reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint, providing a more sustainable solution in every regard.