We understand your needs

The IAM Cloud IT Management platform has been co-created with IT professionals in educational institutions over several years to ensure it perfectly meets the needs of the sector. Cloud computing brings both great benefits and drawbacks to IT management. IAM Cloud has been developed to ensure that organisations reap all the fantastic benefits, without suffering any of the problems or hassles. IT teams are facing an ever increasing challenge to stay in control of their software and systems. IAM Cloud keeps you in control, while ensuring you deliver an exceptional IT service to your organisation.

“One of the great things about working with IAM Cloud is that we can get in touch with them whenever we need advice. They’ve helped us out countless times, regardless of whether it’s been in their remit or not.”

Mike Preece, Solutions Architect at Manchester Metropolitan University

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Manage your users quickly and easily

IAM Cloud helps organisations to better manage their users. It increases security and data accuracy, while reducing your team’s workload by using intelligent automation. IAM Cloud can take this even further by fully integrating with student record systems like SIMS, human resource systems like WorkDay and PeopleSoft, and databases like SQL. IAM Cloud simply synchronises to your record system, and from there provides total automation throughout the rest of your IT system, provisioning access to applications, creating email addresses, even licensing Office 365 accounts and adding security configurations. Futhermore, with IAM Cloud there is no need for on-site systems like ADFS or Dirsync – everything is done in the cloud – so you have fewer servers to manage!

Seamless access to unlimited applications

One of the great theoretical benefits that cloud computing software, such as Microsoft Office 365, brings is that it can quickly be deployed to anyone that needs it. However the reality is often more complicated than that. With IAM Cloud, IT teams can add connectivity to their applications and choose who can access it within a few clicks in our portal. Further configuration around control and security can also be quickly added too. IAM Cloud’s truly innovative Single Sign On technology also means that access to applications has never been simpler or faster. The need to remember multiple passwords or continually login to new applications is a thing of the past.

Office 365 management

While IAM Cloud helps organisations manage tens of thousands of different applications through automated access provisioning, IAM Cloud also has a few special features for Office 365. IAM Cloud is able to automate Office 365 plan licensing, so when a new user joins your organisation, a relevant license is activated and assigned to them. The license is then de-assigned when they leave. This is important for compliance with Microsoft’s contractual terms and conditions, and saves a lot of manual effort. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, IAM Cloud is also able to provide Office 365 licenses at a discount.

Slash your storage costs, and never have to upgrade again.

Network storage is extremely expensive. When you factor in the cost of the equipment, the cost of the maintenance, the cost of repairs, the cost of management, the cost of upgrades, the time cost of planning, the cost of energy to power it, and the space cost of hosting it somewhere safe and secure – you’re likely to have a very large number.

With IAM Cloud we can deliver cloud storage from Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business and SharePoint, and enable you to provision and provide it in the same way as network storage – for both individuals and teams. We can save your organisation a fortune, and give you an unlimited supply of storage through the highly secure and highly available Microsoft Cloud.

Dynamic to meet your needs

Every organisation is different, and so is their IT. Our system isn’t rigid, and we don’t expect you to have to change things at your end just to implement IAM Cloud. We have built our system to support a huge variety of scenarios. In the extremely rare case that IAM Cloud isn’t compatible with your IT system, we will where possible build the compatibility into IAM Cloud at no extra charge.

We are IT agnostic

IAM Cloud is based on Microsoft Azure, but from Azure we provide full bi-directional integration and compatibility with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud, our integration includes cloud-based SaaS suites like Google Docs and Gmail. What this means is that we can service any platform, but we are also in a prime position to help organisations transition from one platform to another. If your organisation is currently running Google Docs and you want to migrate to Office 365, IAM Cloud is the perfect solution to help.

Unparalleled control & security over your IT

For such a simple and user-friendly system, IAM Cloud has been built by leading identity security professionals and cryptography experts to ensure the system is extremely secure. Not only that, it also provides your organisation with a tremendous amount of control, not only of who can access what – but who can access what, when, where and how.


No more forgotten passwords

While the figure varies from organisation to organisation, it has been reported that up to 40% of IT Support calls in organisations relate to forgotten passwords. In organisations with high numbers of people, like most schools, colleges and universities, this is especially problematic. IAM Cloud has two solutions for this. Firstly, Single Sign On reduces the number of passwords users have to remember to 1. Should they forget that, IAM Cloud’s Self-Service Password Reset allows users to securely reset the password in the cloud, without requiring the intervention of an IT help desk.

Help with your IT housekeeping

IAM Cloud can help you better manage your existing systems, such as your ‘Active Directory’. IAM Cloud provides amazingly powerful yet simple migration services for Active Directory, so you can easily move user information from one AD to another through IAM Cloud’s extremely secure platform.