It’s our first year at the Bett show and we’re all very excited to be part of the biggest edtech show on the planet.

Even though it’s the first time we’ve exhibited, quite a few of our team have racked up several years of Bett stories – some of them have been going so long they remember when it was at the Olympia!

What makes IAM Cloud the perfect fit for education?

The continued focus on budgets, plus the Governments ‘Cloud First’ strategy for education means that we can offer schools, colleges and universities the ultimate IT platform solution. And at only 6p per user, which includes a full support, success and on-boarding service, we can guarantee any education establishment unbeatable value for money.

One in every five education establishments are already using the IAM Cloud platform because it allows you to:

  • Slash network storage costs with cloud drive mapping to store all your files in the same way you would on your network, without all the hassle.
  • Provide intelligent identity management that integrates with your MIS so you can cleverly automate users access with easy to use classifications.
  • Access true single sign on to all your applications within your organisation – even when an application or system doesn’t support single sign on.
  • Automate licensing provision or de-provision for all your applications including Microsoft and Google applications.
  • Control who can access what, when, where through one single source.
  • Remove the need for onsite servers and ADFS, saving you a fortune in maintenance and upgrading costs.
  • Keep security tight with session timeout control that gives you complete control whatever machine users are on.
  • Migrate all your Active Directories to simplify your entire IT system.

So why choose IAM Cloud

1. We do all the hard work
We know that some of the processes involved in IT Management can be error-prone and seriously time consuming. We work with you to setup all your on-boarding, off-boarding, configuration, and updates to leave you to focus on delivering cutting-edge IT provision

2. You can make it your own
You can personalise your configuration easily without any costly consultants. You don’t have to reconfigure your systems to fit with us, because of the unique way IAM Cloud is built you can be sure it will work harmoniously with your systems, polices and procedures.

3. You get more bang for your buck
With not hidden costs, and a whole host of features not available through other cloud based identity providers, you can be sure you’re getting unbeatable value. We also include full customer support and success programme within all our packages.

4. When we say cloud we mean fully cloud
All your provisioning and federation is hosted in the cloud, including all the essential information included within your Active Directory. Don’t be fooled by providers who claim to be ‘cloud based’ as a lot of them either require expensive virtual servers, or are relying on on-premises Active Directory for authentication. With IAM Cloud, should something go wrong in your server room, your users will still have full access to their IT services.

5. Made especially for you
We created IAM Cloud for you with you. It’s specifically designed to fulfil the needs of IT professionals in education. We have seamless integration with all leading MIS providers including Capita SIMS, Oracle and Workday. That’s why we were awarded Microsoft’s Worldwide Education Partner for 2015.

6. Security is paramount
We don’t use open source encryption and have our own leading identity security professionals and cryptographers to ensure IAM Cloud is extremely secure. Our close relationship with Microsoft and the Azure AD team means we’re always at the forefront of security best practice.

7. Total simplicity
Keeping students engaged is one of biggest challenges you face. Technology can help, but it can also be problematic when dealing with multiple different applications. We make sure your all your technology is easily accessible and agile enough to create the ultimate student engagement experience.

To find out more about the IAM Cloud Platform, and why we’re Microsoft’s Education Partner of the Year 2015-2106, come along for a chat at stand SN18, or visit our website and find out how you can win your very own Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

About Leon

Leon is a Director at IAM Cloud with nearly 10 years of experience working in and with the education sector. Leon is a major advocate for the role of education in society, health and economic growth.

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