The right tools for the job

Everyone is different, and we all have different preferences for how we work. Some of us work best alone, some in teams, some in the office, and some from home. Having seamless access to the tools you need to help you to maximise your productivity is a fundamental requirement. Providing an excellent IT service can help keep people efficient, motivated and happy. 

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Better engage with your students and each other

Education is based ultimately on communication. So is administration. So is research. In fact nearly everything is based on communication. However, a common problem is that there is so much communication, that it just turns into noise. IAM Cloud has a simple but ingenious method of cutting through the noise with a tool called TouchPoint.

Blended learning

Blended learning is one of the most critical issues is the modern curriculum. Blending pedagogies across different mediums is essential to provide a rich and varied learning experience. Creating a curriculum that includes blended learning requires both teachers and students to be able to access different technologies both within the institution and from home.

Running a tidy ship

Many educational institutions have to manage the same amount of user information as enormous companies, but without anything close to the same level of budget or human resource. The TouchPoint tool in IAM Cloud can be used for attribute management. Users can be prompted on login to check a piece of data, for example an emergency telephone number, is still correct… If it is, they just continue logging in. If it isn’t, they can correct it on the fly before they sign in.