A great education with excellent prospects

Everything a school, college or university does contributes to the success of their students. IAM Cloud helps educational institutions in innumerable ways, but ultimately by enabling access to technologies that enhance the education delivered to the students. Experience with the latest technology is also invaluable for the development and career prospects of the student.

Always on

The Internet has created new expectations; the world is ‘on demand’. Students now want quick simple access to everything they need, whenever they need it 24/7/365. It needs to be secure, but students don’t want to become a walking password repository. ‘Single Sign On’ helps enormously. Students now only need to log-in once to gain access to a multitude of applications and IT services, and they only need to remember that one password. What if they forget their password? What if it’s the holidays and they’re trying to access their course material? They need to be able to reset their password securely without the IT Team’s intervention. IAM Cloud can do this too.

Any device

Some students learn best by talking, some by reading, some by doing, some by listening. Some students have their own laptop, tablet, PC or Mac, some use their family’s, some students learn at home, some learn at their local library. There is no consistency, but IT Teams still need to be able to support as many students as well as they can. IAM Cloud helps organisations to deliver a cross-platform learning and working experience – to support everyone, whatever their circumstances or preferences. While at the same time ensuring that this is achieved in a controlled and secure manner.

Enhancing independent, self-directed, and group learning.

Regardless of whether you’re in primary/elementary school or in University, homework assignments can be a drag. IAM Cloud helps education providers to connect to innovative technologies and software resources to help make self-directed and group learning more interactive, more engaging, more productive and less of a chore.