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IAM Cloud is a partner-focused IT Management platform that can help companies substantially enhance their potential in the education sector. The transformative impact of IAM Cloud was recently recognised by Microsoft, who named us their Worldwide Education Partner of the Year 2015. Here are some of things we can help you with…

Heavy weight integration projects 

System integration is changing, but the need for expert people to deploy heavily customised systems isn’t going away anytime soon. IAM Cloud is one of the only cloud-based identity solutions that hasn’t been watered down. IAM Cloud has the power of the major on-premises identity rigs of old, but with the scale and speed of the cloud. This makes IAM Cloud an invaluable tool for SI partners wanting to deliver advanced projects to education clients. IAM Cloud is especially powerful for projects involving custom integrations, multiple (even 100s) Active Directory domains or application tenancies, or major migrations. IAM Cloud excels in scenarios where other tools often fall short.

Rapid deployment & consumption 

Some projects warrant a heavyweight tool to allow deep integration and configuration to meet a whole host of customer requirements. Some projects don’t. IAM Cloud has been developed to support both requirements. IAM Cloud is intuitive to use, easy to deploy, and requires no overheads or ancillary systems to manage. With IAM Cloud, your LSP, MSP or VAR can make software implementations a piece of cake for your customers, and ensure consumption is maximised for your targets. IAM Cloud offers a great opportunity for LSPs looking to evolve into LSIs.

The ultimate add-on 

Cloud Drive Mapper is one of the most re-sellable tools in education. It allows OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online to be used like network storage. This is incredible for the education sector where file synchronisation is impractical, insecure and a nightmare to manage at scale. We’ve found that Cloud Drive Mapper is the ultimate conversation starter. It’s the perfect door opener for resellers and other Microsoft partners working in the education space.

Alumni services 

Perhaps the most valuable market segment in the education sector is alumni. Most education providers have at least 10x more alumni than staff and students. Yet because of a number of technical issues, largely rooted in Active Directory and on-premises user lifecycle management processes, university and college alumni remain a significantly untapped market.

IAM Cloud completely solves this problem. By taking users out of the AD and supporting them wholly in the cloud, including handling their password resets and enabling federated access (and single sign on) to applications, IT no longer needs to be a barrier in offering digital services to alumni. Plus, because IAM Cloud is easy to deploy, can run alongside existing identity & SSO solutions, and is priced extremely low for education, adding IAM Cloud into a project doesn’t cause added friction.

IAM Cloud is the ideal partner for any software, digital service or content provider wanting to access the alumni market.

Major migrations 

We like to think big at IAM Cloud. So instead of creating a migration tool that just for example migrates email from Google to Office 365, we created an entire migration platform.

Migration is a hot topic, but it is a notoriously challenging area of IT. We wanted to build an enablement platform to allow other ISVs and SIs to build their own migration connectors. And that’s what we have. We’ve already used the platform to develop an Active Directory migration system, an Office 365 <> Google email migration system and a Google Docs <> OneDrive file migration system. But why stop there? How about a platform that migrates SharePoint Online? What about a platform that migrates VLEs? With IAM Cloud, you can develop a wealth of migration tools that can be used either exclusively by your organisation, or resold worldwide to SIs or customers directly.

Low-end Device Sales 

We’ve already described the power of Cloud Drive Mapper as the ultimate add-on tool for Office 365 resellers, but it also has transformative potential in the low-end device market. Low-specification devices do not mix well with sync storage used by OneDrive for Business. Cloud Drive Mapper enables low-end device manufacturers to viable sell Windows-based devices into education. We are flexible with how this works commercially, and are open to OEM-like models.

Extensible Features 

IAM Cloud is a platform. It’s been designed to be customised, extended and built on. Some of our features in particular have a lot of potential for development extensions. For example TouchPoint, our login box engagement system, has potential to be extended to handle attribute management, payments, legal terms acceptance and a lot more. We would then help you sell your extensions into our significant and ever-growing customer base. We’re always open to ideas, so get in touch if you’d like to collaborate with us.

Enterprise-ready software 

IAM Cloud offers an SSO Toolkit that allows ISVs to incorporate enterprise features into their software. With the IAM Cloud SSO Toolkit, software developers can enable single sign on in their software (via SAML token handling) with minimal effort. The toolkit also enables a range of other identity and access features.

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Leon is a Director at IAM Cloud with nearly 10 years of experience working in and with the education sector. Leon is a major advocate for the role of education in society, health and economic growth.